Friday, 2 April 2010

Your ideas please!

This is your chance to tell us what other discussions you would like to see on this forum, or suggestions for more pages/content that you would like on the website(s)

Your opinion is valued, please leave your ideas here by posting comments below - thank you!


What is your way of relaxing?

tell us how you relax - whether it is listening to your favourite music, gardening, being with someone you love, meditation, yoga, or simply sleeping!

Angel Wishes

Have you sent a Wish to your Angels?

If you have - did it come true?

Angel Visitors

Have you ever felt or seen an Angelic presence?

If you have, did you feel it was your Guardian Angel?
Please share your experiences with us.

Astrology and your Daily Horoscope

Do you believe that we are all typical to our (supposed) Star Sign personality traits?

Do you check your horoscope daily, or do you think that it is all rubbish?

Holistic Medicine

Do you believe in using alternative therapies?

Or do you always stick with conventional medicine?


Do you believe in Crystal Healing?

Do you have any personal experiences, and which is your favourite crystal?


What does spirituality mean to you?

Please post your thoughts below.